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Karl wants Warren…

Who’s Ready for Warren? Karl Rove is!

The prolific fundraiser and former babysitter of President George W. Bush just cannot get enough of Elizabeth Warren these days. His super PAC, American Crossroads, has a new ad out attacking Hillary Clinton through Elizabeth Warren’s own stirring, populist words.  The Huffington Post is trying to determine whether this is concern trolling or just garden-variety trolling. Perhaps he loves Elizabeth Warren, earnestly. She’s swell.

Man, does he ever want Warren to stick it to that corporate fat cat Hillary Clinton. Last week he went on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show. Usually guests on Hewitt’s show are just berated with questions about Alger Hiss until they hang up, but Hewitt wanted to pick Rove’s brain about the Red Communist du jour, Elizabeth Warren. Could she destroy Hillary Clinton in the primaries? My god yes, Karl Rove said, before hedging like a coward. GET THE REST OF THE STORY HERE.